Dyssol documentation

Dyssol, the DYnamic Simulation of SOLids processes, is a dynamic flowsheet modelling system designed to simulate the time-dependent behaviour of complex production processes in solids processing technology. Its distinctive features:

  • Dynamic simulation of complex process structures

  • Sequential-modular calculation algorithm

  • Consideration of solid, liquid, gas phases and their mixtures

  • Handling of multidimensional interdependent distributed parameters of solids

  • Standardized interfaces and templates for implementation of new units

  • High modularity and extensibility

This documentation will help you to get familiar with the Dyssol flowsheet simulations system. Here you will find an introduction to the structure and algorithms of the program, the principles of its operation, a description of the user interface, as well as the documentation of available units. It also provides information on how to create your own units and solvers.



Dyssol project was funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) via SPP 1679 “Dyn-Sim-FP” and via “Research Software Sustainability” program.

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Vasyl Skorych